Monday, July 8, 2013

Why Judaism is Pure Torture

People often think of religion as constrictive. As if some higher authority is towering over me, cuffing my hands behind my back and threatening that if I break free, I'll be hurled into the unforgiving grips of the underworld.

That's pretty scary, if you ask me. Not to mention inaccurate. But what's even scarier is the possibility that the opposite could be true:

Maybe, we're oppressing G-d.

Now, I know you're going to say that G-d is all-powerful and we can't affect Him, but forget about that for a minute.

Sometimes I wonder if G-d feels like He's in a strait jacket. After all, He's been dreaming and scheming for eternity but can't fulfill His plans for Moshiach. WE keep constricting Him, suffocating Him with our own agendas. All this craziness in the world is a manifestation of G-d's inner turmoil, His disturbed equilibrium. He's writhing like a snake suffering from a fit of seizures, desperately trying to express Himself! All He wants is to show Himself through His creations rather than hide behind them. 

Is G-d not the ultimate tortured artist?

And if so...where is our compassion?


  1. We have to have pity on Him, because the Shechina is golus. Yes, He put Himself there, but because we care about Hashem we don't hold that against Him and blame Him for it. We know He wants to be revealed again. It's up to us to do it. Great post!

  2. Beautiful! The core of the golus is that we don't stop to think about Hashem, about the Neshama within us that is in exile within us. In many places, it says that we should arouse compassion upon the part of G-dliness that is in exile within us. The reason that this sounds like Chinese is that even if we keep halacha, are part of a frum community, etc., we are completely out of touch with Hashem in our hearts. May Hashem have compassion on us, and help us have compassion upon Him, and upon the spark of G-dliness within us.